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The first question of any yacht Owner is “why yacht management ”.


To fully understand the purpose, we have to look at the various services provided and corresponding benefits.

Captain and crew are invariably occupied with the vessel organization, operation and maintenance. This does not facilitate a committed approach with other requirements as time and resources do not always permit. The liberty of research and negotiation are not always practicable or feasible and quick solutions are often the primary choice but are not always the most cost effective or credible.

We respectfully recommend you consider the following as valued support to you, your yacht, Captain and crew:



Administrative Shore Support

Shore based administrative support is a very important feature to a smooth and trouble free operation avoiding delays and high cost last minute issues. Limitations on-board with communication and office equipment as well as high workloads imposed on the Captain and crew can often hinder and reduce the efficiency of the administration process and logistics required. Assistance and support must be consistent and available at all times without limitation. We assist captains by significantly reducing the burden of paperwork and associated administration required to run these Super yachts.




Financial regulator

As with all financial matters, financial controls are key! The main reason for having financial controls is to reduce the risk of error and fraud.  If errors are made it is likely to result in a loss of money. Without good controls you are unlikely to maintain good records and therefore be unable to highlight any errors. A professional application and accounting system allows for accurate reconciliation, reporting and consistent evaluation. This service includes realistic budgeting and trending, international banking and supply of ships credit cards as well as a secure supply of cash to vessel on an international scale.

Having the knowledge and understanding the costs and requirements of any industry specific service or item is key. This coupled with well-informed negotiation can offer great savings to any yacht owner.




Operational Superyacht Management

The day to day operation of a Superyacht is a complex task by any measure. These are extremely high valued assets that require a high level of care. Numerous matters require consistent attention and follow up. Moving from one country to the next demands a good degree of organisation, pre-planning and expertise in order to avoid potential issues with local port authorities and customs. The objective of Management is to remain well informed to better advise yacht owners and their captains. We assure compliance which avoids potential hazards.

Insurance (and the eventual claims process), vessel certification, liaison with the ship builder, Flag State and Classification Society, logistics, supplies, fuel bunkers and berth bookings all require conversant consideration and supervision to remain effective and cost efficient.




Technical Management

Maintenance and ship yard supervision form the basis of technical management. A centralised system for reporting and maintaining records of maintenance guarantees consistency and reliability as well as protecting the value of the asset. Personnel and crew can be known to change on a regular basis. Without constant supervision of a centralised plan maintenance system, information and records can be lost or misinterpreted. This results in inconsistencies and variations by engineers and deck crew. The consequence is often damage and additional cost which could have been avoided.




Safety Management

The safety and security of all on board is paramount!

Regrettably, no matter how prepared we are, accidents and casualties occur. At these unfortunate times a trained Designated Person Ashore with the vessel knowledge is essential to assist and co-ordinate with the vessels personnel, emergency services and administrations.

All Superyachts under our management operate with our fleet Safety Management System which provides assistance and gives guidance to safe management practices. This includes a schedule for drills, check lists, ship operational procedures, risk assessments and instruction for safe and secure ship board activities.




Crew Employment

Dawson Yachts provides crew employment services for all our Superyacht owners. Our standalone crew employment structure will ensure optimum protection against a yacht owners personal assets and provide the efficiency required when employing crew.

Dawson Yachts offers marine worldwide payroll solutions covering all responsibilities. We insure all crew contractual obligations, developments in changing legislation and current necessities are adhered to including Maritime Labour Convention compliance where applicable. Our crew agreements are in line with Flag State recommendations and undergo periodic legal review.

All crew are covered under employer’s liability and crew personal accident insurance.

Our recruitment process includes reference and background checks and prior to employment we verify all crew hold valid and appropriate certification for their duties and capacity on board.




We look forward to hearing from you and providing the valued assistance and support you deserve!